There are ways to save your favorite Jeans from blood stains

Washing clothes has been a daily or weekly ritual for as long as humans have been living a civilized life. In fact, most historians cannot pin point the exact time in human history, when we started cleaning our clothes on a regular basis. However, no matter when it started, it is a part of our lives now and almost all of us have cleaned or washed our clothes, at one point or another.

aid793322-728px-get-out-blood-stains-step-3Though, everyone who washes clothes, face similar challenges. One of these challenges, most people face, is about removing certain stains. Things that are difficult to remove via hand wash are generally difficult to remove through a machine wash, too. For example, most people struggle to get blood out of clothes. People working in the medical profession will be able to relate to this problem.

Medical professions, no matter how thorough or careful they are, inevitably come in contact with blood, be it from an open wound they are trying to stitch up or from a medical procedure. Once blood comes in contact with the clothes you are wearing, it will leave a lasting stain, at least if you don’t do something to remove it quickly and decisively. Since, it is not impossible to remove fresh blood from your clothes. So, to give you a small run down to get blood out of clothes, we gathered a few tips for your perusal:


  • The first tip we have for you, is also the most important one. Never use hot water to remove a fresh stain of blood. Unlike other stains, hot water will set the blood in the fabric, instead of removing it. That will in turn make the stain a permanent one
  • If you are able to get the clothe off and under the running cold water right away, your chances of completely removing the stain out of your clothe increase by a great degree. This technique is not only effective to get blood out of clothes, it also work well for couches, mattress and other heavy furniture. Of course, you cannot soak them, all you need to do is, get a clean cloth or a sponge and blot the stain, it will work almost as nicely as soaking the entire thing
  • The next trick is going for the big guns, by bringing in the chemicals. One of the most potent and effective way to remove blood stains is by treating wet blood with hydrogen peroxide solution. Though, we should warn you about the side effects of using this chemical first
    • Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful chemical agent, which is normally used to remove stains from concrete slabs and surfaces. Using it on clothes can have its own consequences
    • It is known the weaken some fabrics upon exposure
    • Hydrogen peroxide will remove the wet blood from most fabrics, quite easily, though sometimes it can leave a stain of its own
    • It is advised that you test the solution on an inconsequential part of the fabric first, before using it on the stain
  • If the test comes fine and you are ready to use the solution on the fabric
    • Then first you will have to prepare the solution
    • Generally, if you are planning to use it on a delicate fabric, it is advised that you use a 50% diluted solution
    • To remove the stain, just treat clothes with the solution, taking care to only expose the stain, so the fabric is not damaged by the chemical
    • You might have to repeat this action a few times, until the form is uniform around the stained area. Please keep in mind, that this is a slow process, that may become slower demanding upon, how diluted a solution you are using
    • Once you have the uniform foam, just wipe in away with a clean cloth. If the stain is still visible, pour some hydrogen peroxide again and repeat the process, until the stain is gone or at least fainted
    • The next step is simple, you can wash the stain with the cold water, and then us the regular soap or detergent, as per your preference, to clean the clothes
  • Another way of using the hydrogen peroxide is to simply let your garments soak in the solution for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then remove it and rinse out all the solution with the help of cold water. However, this method should only be used on strong fabrics that can withstand the might of the chemical cleaning. You should check the tickers, attached on the inside of the clothes. They normally list the kind of washing each garment can withstand. Or you can always research online and learn from the experience of the others
  • You can also use ammonia to get blood out of clothes. It is work almost as effectively as hydrogen peroxide
  • Using ammonia is even simpler; all you will need is a homemade solution. You can make it by adding 1 tablespoon of ammonia to half a cup of cold water and then pour that solution on the stain. Though, this method is only recommended for more stubborn stains, and is not ideal for soft and weak fabrics like linen, silk or wool
  • There are couple of precautions you should take, while using chemical solution to wash your clothes.
    • First, you should wear cleaning rubber gloves. They will protect your hands from the powerful chemicals. Just think about this, if a chemical is strong enough to remove blood from the clothes, then it is strong enough to harm the skin of your hands, if you are not careful
    • The second precaution is to rinse out the chemical completely from the clothes, as it can react with your skin, if not cleaned properly
    • Third is a repeat of what we have been warning you against from the very beginning. Please use cold water only. As, use of hot water can be counterproductive in more ways than one



The above solutions may help you in saving your favorite jeans or jacket for blood stains. We just want to remind you be careful while using chemical solutions on your clothes.

Let your kids play with worrying about the blood stains

cloth_1Sports are an integral part of any teenagers growing up years. They either play one or the other sports or cheer for it, some just like to be present in the stands, when their school or local favorite team is on the pitch, others may just sit at home and watch the national or state or club teams perform on the screen. However, there is nothing like playing one of the contact sports, like football or soccer. It not only makes the teenagers playing the sports local favorites or popular in the school, it also gives them a sense of accomplishment, a sense of purpose, which is very important for any young adult’s all round development.

When you are the parent or guardian of such a young adult, you will know all the good things about the sports they play, and the downsides, as well. Normally, the one thing, that almost every parent has to learn is, how to remove blood of clothes. And not just any blood, but the dried blood stains. Kids, especially when they are teenagers, don’t just remove their uniforms or jackets, because they have got some blood on it, while trying to make a skidding stop. In the end, this blood dries up and will stay on the uniform, leaving an ugly stain behind, if you being the parent don’t wash it off.

So, to help you along with this difficult, but important task, we gathered a step by step process of how to remove blood of clothes for you. It might give you a starting point:

  1. Since the blood has already dried, you will have to try and make the stain as weak as possible, by soaking it. The best way to do it is to submerge the garment in a bucket of cold water for about 30 minutes. It is important that you use cold water, because when you are cleaning blood, hot water is only going to set blood into the fabric upon cooling
  2. The next step is simple, just take the garment out of the cold water and squeeze the excess water out of it. You might want to use rubber gloves, while dealing with the cold water
  3. Now, you will have to prepare your very own washing paste. Take one teaspoon of an unscented and unflavored meat tenderizer, then mix it with some water, just enough to make it in to a perfect paste
  4. Next step is to apply this paste on the stain, it is best down with your finger. Since, you normally eat meat tenderizer in some form; it is quite safe to touch.
  5. Then leave the garment for about 30 minutes, it is to allow the paste to perfectly set into the fabric
  6. After 30 minutes, you can simply put the jeans in the washing machine. Just remember to set it on cold wash
  7. You can proceed with the regular wash, by adding one scoop of powdered oxygen bleach and laundry detergent to the wash water
  8. The last step is to dry your garment in the dryer.

If you follow these steps and get the stains off, you will certainly become an expert on how to remove blood of clothes. However, if the stain is still visible, you can repeat the process, until it is completely off the garment.



Blood Stains on your favorite silk shirt can be cleaned



People with young kids have to stay prepared for many situations. Even the best behaved young ones can be rather demanding, when the mood strikes them. Some of the situations like to when they want their favorite ice cream, right away, could be easy to manage. However, situations when they get themselves dirty beyond recognition could turn into an impossible mess.




Then there are times when kids hurt themselves, skin their knees or paper cut their fingers or some other similar small injury. At that time, all you can do is hug them and try to keep them calm, which can easily be compared to, trying to stopping a nuclear meltdown, all on your own. In that moment, you are not worried about, as your kids will not think of such things while running to you, and hugging you in distress. They will either end up getting blood on your fine silk shirt or top, or they will have it on their own clothes. Most parents pray to avoid this particular situation, especially when they are in a public places.



However, not everyone is that lucky, and most people with kids will agree with that assessment. Eventually, they will find themselves, with spots or stains of blood on their favorite shirts or tops, standing in the middle of a party, with a sobbing child in their arms. One thing that they will have to worry about later is how to get blood out of clothes, because if they start discarding every piece of clothe their child spoils, they will end up without any good thing left to wear.

We got you covered with salt and water

Though, you need not have to worry about, how to get blood out of clothes that much, as it is not very difficult to remove stains from silk clothes. All you will need is salt and water to begin the cleaning process. But you will have to be quick about it; the faster you put a paste of cold water with salt on the stain, the better chance you have to remove it, before it sets into the fabric. This method is only effective for material, that cannot withstand the chemical cleaning or we can say for delicate fabrics.


aid1722484-728px-remove-blood-stains-from-carpet-step-3-version-2After applying the solution on the stain, you will have to rinse the stain with cold water. The best way to approach this step is by putting your clothe directly under running cold water. You will be able to remove a lot of blood of clothes with this technique. If you don’t have running water, then take a clean cloth, dip it in a bowl of cold water and rub it over the stain, it may not give the same results, but it will certainly help in the situation.

When you have the clothes under the running water, try to rub them together and you might just be able to remove the entire stain right away. Though, for this to be successful, you will have to try and get to it within a few minutes, a maximum of ten or fifteen.

It is easy to get a blood stain out of the clothes even when you are outside

When you get blood stain on your shirt or top, just because you were not careful using a paper cutter, or helping your colleague to stop the bleeding from his or her paper cut, you feel like you are in the most unlucky situation. First, either you or your friend is hurt, and then you also have a blood stain to deal with. Or some people will correct us and say, a blood stain shirt or top to discard of with, as they cannot get blood out of clothes.



That means, they will not only have to cover for the work, but also have to shell out for the new piece of clothing, a shirt or a top to replace the one that was spoiled.

Well, we have a solution for this impossible looking situation to get blood out of clothes, or we should begin by calling it a suggestion, and if it works for you, we can call it a solution, afterwards.


So, what can you do, when you have blood stain on your cloth?


The answer is simple; you can try to get the blood out of clothes, by following a simple and easy way to deal with your blood stain. Since, you were in office when you got the stain; we assume that you will have to use a public washroom to clean yourself out. The first thing you should do, is to try to soap up the stain, as much as you can, with the soap available in the washroom, if you don’t have access to anything better or a stronger cleaning agent.

Alternatively, you can also use shampoo, if you have access to it. Though, if you are running on a limited supply of water, please be advised to be conservative, in using the soap or the shampoo, as you will eventually have to get it out of the clothes. And you might still have to wear them for a couple of more hours.

cloth_8Another simple and easy way to remove blood out of clothes is by treating them with toothpaste. It may sound a little bizarre, but it works, and if it saves your favorite shirt from getting spoiled forever, what is the harm in trying. Though, just remember, that this method should only be used on fabrics that can be either machine washed or hand washed, completely. Otherwise, you will end up wearing something, which will smell like toothpaste for days.

To follow this method, all you have to do is to apply some toothpaste on the blood stained area and then let it dry for a few minutes. Once it is dry, and you are sure, it has set properly into the fabric, wash the clothes with cold water. You need to do this, so you can rinse the toothpaste out of your garment.

Once the toothpaste is rinsed, you will have to wash the stained area with soap, as thoroughly as possible. It is not only to remove the blood stain out of clothes, but to remove the toothpaste as well. Check the garment, after the procedure is completed, and you may find the stain completely gone. If not, you can always try to repeat the process.

Learn how to remove the blood stains from fabrics

cloth_4In most of the houses it is quite common that they use different types of furniture like couch, cot and chair. There are different designs and materials in such furniture but despite the model, the material and the design people cover it with cloth mostly. Covering the furniture like cot, sofa or couch and bed will protect them from dirt and it is the one of the primary method of maintaining the furniture. The couch in the living room and the bed in the bed rooms will be covered with cloth so cleaning the furniture will be very easy otherwise it will be tough as the dirt left for many days will be really irritating.



The kids in the family will spill drinks and eatables on the cloth and it will form stains. As the situation is like this cleaning the cloth used to cover the furniture is easy as we can wash it with detergents easily. But certain stains are bit tough to remove as they go deep into the fabric and severe wash to remove such stains will be decrease the life of the cloth. The one of the stain that sticks strong with the cloth seeming as non removable is blood stains. The blood stains are really deep in to the cloth and ordinary wash is not enough to remove it easily Even in severe wash it is not much possible to remove the blood stain completely because the traces and the marks will be visible. So it is best to learn how to get blood out of clothes so that we can wash the costly clothes to remove the blood stains without damaging the cloth.



Rather than damaging the cloth better learn the following tips that will help you to remove blood stains out of the cloth.


  1. Turn the cloth

Turn the cloth upside down so that the blood stain faces down and it will be easy to deal with stain as it gets deep in to the fabric. If you rinse the stain without turning the cloth upside down the rinsing will not be effective. After turning the cloth down rinse the stain so that the water gets deep in to fabric and eases the stains. When the water enters into the fabric it wets the blood stain deeply so that no part of the stain remains wet. Better turn inside out.

  1. Use cold water

Always use cold water to rinse the stain because the hot or warm water will make the blood stain stick strongly with the fabric. So flush the stain with cold water so that the cold water will be effective in treating the stain.

  1. Rub the soap

Now rub the soap on the stained area and it can be any effective detergent soap.

  1. Hold and rub

Hold the stained area with grip using two hands and wipe the stained area against itself severely but don’t use brush to rub the stain out. Use soap when it is needed and rub repeatedly till the stain is removed.

Easy to follow methods for removing blood from clothes

Many individuals these days search for simple yet effective techniques with an objective to enhance different aspects of their efforts.  For example, they seek blood out of clothes almost immediately. This is because they have tried so many techniques until now and do not get an idea about how to remove the blood stain from clothes completely. They can focus on the following details and get an overview about the best solutions to fix this problem hereafter.

– Fresh blood removal

Every person feels confused and worried when they notice fresh blood in their clothes.  If they have planned to get fresh blood out of clothes without difficulty, then they can try one of the following methods.

  • Rinse in cold water
  • Use hydrogen peroxide
  • Try salt water
  • Apply shampoo or soap
  • Use Ammonia

– Cold Water

If you rinse clothes in the coldest water, then you can get the most expected support for removing fresh blood entirely from clothing.  You have to rinse clothes in cold water until the overall satin has removed from the cloth completely.  You may have fresh blood on your furniture or carpet. Even though you cannot soak your furniture or carpet entirely in the cold water, you can blot with a clean cloth soaked well in cold water. You can do this process until the blood disappears.


– Hydrogen Peroxide

You may have failed to get the best result when you use the cold water method for removing blood from your cloth.  It is the right time to use the hydrogen peroxide. Keep in mind that this chemical may damage some genres of fabrics. Mix half water and half hydrogen peroxide to make a good solution.  Pour this chemical only on the stain. Wait for a few seconds and wipe the stain completely.  You can rinse your cloth in cold water when the stain is gone.



– Salt Watercloth_2

Some people wish to use the most convenient method and remove blood stains from their cloth. They can mix salt and cold water to make a thick paste. They have to apply this paste on the stain and rub it as gentle as possible. They have to rinse it off with cold water and wash their cloth as usual.  They will get the most expected result from this simple treatment.


– Shampoo or Soap

You may seek blood out of clothes when you do not have hydrogen peroxide and salt on hand. You can apply the generous amount of shampoo or soap on the stain. Once you have done it, you have to scrub it and add cold water further if needed. The next step is to rinse it in the cold water until the stain is gone.


– Ammonia

Even though your cloth has stubborn fresh blood, you can mix a tablespoon of ammonia in a cup of cold water and pour this mixture on the stain. You can make use of this ammonia solution on such stains and get blood stain out of cloth easily.

Simple way to remove dried blood stains

Usually the children use to play and get hurt by blood injuries unexpectedly. In such cases, blood stains will be formed on the children’s clothes. This is not only happening for children but also for many matured people. However, most of the individuals are not aware of get blood out of clothes. If you are one among them, then you should go through the following passages in order to know the simple ways to remove the blood stains. Actually many people think removing blood stains will be very difficult and they will have to hire laundry service for this purpose.


But they have to understand that removing blood stains is very easy and they can simply do it at home. There are many ways to remove the blood stains therefore the individuals can choose any of them and get rid of the stains. However, you need to choose the suitable method according to the type of cloth you are having. This is one important thing that you need to remember. Every blood stain removal methods will not be suitable for certain clothes therefore you need to make sure whether the method you have chosen will not damage the cloth.

If you are having a cloth which is made of linen and cotton, then you can easily remove it by following a simple method. You do not have to use any special equipment for this purpose. But you may have to spend some time for rubbing. First of all, you have to flip the cloth to its inner side. Now you will be in the back side of the stain. If you start the removal process from this side, you can easily remove the stain from the cloth. When you pour water from the back side, it will push the stains out from the cloth.


You can also rinse the cloth in this position and it will be very effective than pouring water on to the stain directly. After that you have to rub soap on the stain and make a thin layer of it. Then you should take the cloth on your hand and hold it with a grip. You have to rub the cloth together hence the stain will be rubbed and it will come out of the fabric. You should make sure that the stain is being rubbed against itself. By continuing this method for few times, you can remove the blood stain easily. You should change the water periodically.

The most recommended techniques to get blood out of clothes

Every person in our time is willing to gain knowledge of various things day after day. They have decided to improve their lifestyle and enhance the overall wellbeing. They try to be aware of blood out of clothes successfully. This is because they misunderstand that they cannot remove fresh blood out of clothes almost immediately. This is worthwhile to do the most effective cleaning methods and get the best result on time. The following details assist you remove dried blood stains on the cloth.


Dried blood removal

Many teenagers and adults nowadays have enhanced their efforts for removing stains out of clothes. On the other hand, they seek get blood out of clothes especially dried blood on some genres of fabrics. They can take note of three effective techniques for removing stubborn stains on their clothes.

  1. Toothpaste
  2. Meat Tenderizer
  3. Salvia

Apply toothpaste properly

The most convenient way to remove dried blood out of clothes is to apply toothpaste directly on the stain.  Once you have applied the toothpaste, you have to let it dry for a few minutes. The next step is to rinse it off with cold water rather than hot water. The next step is to wash to stained area with soap or shampoo. If you have done it, then you can rinse it in cold water again. Now, the dried blood stain is gone.

Make use of Meat Tenderizer  

You may seek how to remove dried blood from denim and other sturdy fabrics.  You can make use of the meat tenderizer and get rid of this difficulty hereafter. You have to remember that the unseasoned meat tenderizer has enzymes used to break down protein available in blood and damage delicate fabrics including, but not limited to

  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Silk

Take a bowl and fill it with cold water. The next step is to drape the fabric into the shallow water. Sprinkle only a tablespoon of the best suitable tenderizer on the dried blood stain and leave it for the whole day.  You have to massage the paste per a few hours and remove the stain gradually. Once you have completed this process, you can rinse your cloth in cold water and wash in a usual cycle.



Some enzymes in salvia break down protein in blood and used to remove dried blood stains in clothes.  You have to bear in mind that this method is suitable when your cloth has a small dried blood stain. You can do this method without difficulty. Once you have gathered enough salvia, spit onto the dried blood stain.  Rub the fabric well until the dried stain is gone. The next step is to rinse your cloth in cold water.


Other techniques  

There are many techniques available for removing blood stains out of clothes. For example, you can apply the lime juice on the affected area and remove stubborn stain on the cloth within a few minutes. This is because natural bleaching properties in lime juice remove stains on fabrics.